Good to know

  • The currency used on Bonaire is US$. You can use your bank-card at many places; for the use of credit card they often charge 3-5% extra.
  • Bonaire takes care of its natural environment (which is protected) – under- and above water. Stinapa is the organization that looks after this. To cover the costs partly you are obliged to buy a Bonaire Marine Park tag. If you just swim and snorkel in the sea costs are US$ 10 (for a whole calendar year). For diving (which also includes swimming and snorkling) it is US$ 25 (also for a calendar year) and with that you also have free entrance in the Washington Slagbaai National Park. Without tag or just a snorkeltag the entrance to the Park is US$ 15. You can get a tag at any diveshop including Dive Friends dive shop which is on the premises of the Hamlet Resort. The Marine Park Tag has to be paid cash.
  • Walking distance from the resort to Kralendijk is approx 40 minutes. Make sure you take some water with you and sun protection!
  • Tapwater on Bonaire is just great drinking water
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Experience a holiday on Bonaire!

Experience a holiday on Bonaire

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